Get your hands on one of these 12 limited edition pandemic aftercare packages !!

Sharing the positive @klubkitch morals and vibes as a celebration of surviving covid19.

@scampishnit brings homemade products that prepare you to return back to 'normal' everything.


content : 

Kombucha 250 ml , Peanut butter 420 gram ,  Glow skinmask 40ml , Exotic smile lipbalm 15 ml , Corgy Orgy Novena Candle , postcard , stickers and a letter.


Pandemic AFTERCARE package #SELFCARE


During the start of corona SCAMPISHNIT was not yet very aware of her poor immune system, she discovered it when resolving a physical expression / condition .. She worked months to regain herself back physically and mentally. This savage past 2020 year was a lifelesson mostly concerning selfcare.

Scampishnit got new knowledge regarding food and being well was top priority definitly in these times with a killing virus among us.

All Things she learned she wanted to share in this package with you!

A limited edition of 12 packages as a symbol for the past 12 months we battled covid19 and many lockdowns.


'I wanted to celebrate surviving this harsh year, I came up with the idea when the one year anniversary of covid19 was arriving, to share some products served with  the Klub Kitch vibes and values , all products positively charged related with the past year ; Kombucha for an immune boost, our immune system is very important to be strong against the virus. Peanut butter as a funny message 'from now on everything will be peanuts'.Exotic smile lipbalm and Glow skinmask, Our skin had a rough time behind those masks, everyone craves a vacation so (that explains the exotic orange) and some spoiled soft lips and a good skinmask instead of that horrible facemask. Corgi Orgy novena candle for positive energy and good luck,  + extras ..

all these products will get you ready for returning back to 'normal' everything.' - Ilse Jooken aka Scampishnit




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  • perishable

    Regain energy x Boost immune system

    *contains caffeine

    Kombucha is detoxifying, loaded with beneficial bacteria that helps to improve digestion and boost your immunity. Can even promote healthy liver and kidney function and reduce diabetic complications.  kombucha is rich in B-vitamins and folic acid, which is key for helping the body produce and maintain new cells.

    Ingredients : filtered water,kombucha culture, organic black tea, organic cane sugar